Nissin Vs Maggi

Do you like noodles??? Well if you do this blog is just for you. Tired of old-style noodles that take more than 5 minutes of your time and energy. We got a solution for you its cup noodles. The biggest advantage of cup noodles is that it gets ready under  5 minutes. What is a … Read more


Hey you guys! Welcome back to the blog!! In this blog, I’m going to talk about a new product you may or may have not heard of. It’s TopRamen’s Smoodles.  What are smoodles? Before diving into the topic, let’s first understand the difference between “Noodles” and “Smoodles”. What is noodle? Noodles are a form of meals crafted from unleavened … Read more

Amul Dairy Products

Hello precious readers! This week we are back with some delicious new products to recommend. The sweet-toothed readers are going to be exhilarated by these toothsome products. The Products which we are raving on about are not just one product but three. Just sharing this with you is making us burst from excitement. That is … Read more

Nescafe Cold Coffee Can

Are you in hurry and do not want to miss your morning coffee? Or are you just being lazy in bed craving for coffee? Don’t worry Nescafe has got you. Their brand is famous for providing one of the best quality beverages that are Instant Coffee.  They also offer ready to drink coffee. This product … Read more

10 Rs. biscuits

Cannot control yourself while eating cookies or biscuits? Well that happens with me all the time. So what is the solution? I think it is to buy biscuits which are available only at 10Rs. Small packaging is the biggest advantage here and also it is available near you. Let’s have a look at the products … Read more

Cakes 10 Rs

Are any celebrations coming up? Or are you just looking for a simple breakfast?  We’ve got you. It’s a cake. Cakes are a big part of our lives, we eat cake when we want something sweet or when we want to when celebrating anything.  So today we are covering different types of cake which are … Read more

Balaji Wafers

Well we do, we love to explore different kinds of products so while doing so we found Balaji Wafers. It has a variety of products. Balaji Wafers is an Indian brand. It is a perfect example of a snack brand. They charge a reasonable price for every product. Their products are so good that it … Read more