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Hey you! Have you ever tried ready to eat products? Here we will talk about Gits products. This company is expert in producing ready to eat products. You can find Gits products easily but have you ever wondered which product you should try?. We will tell you all about it but first let’s take a look on how Gits came into existence.

Co-founder of the Gujarati business newspaper ‘Vyapar’, H Z Gilani was a journalist before he, along with A K Tejani, founded Gits. This idea for the brand came when the two friends observed that their wives spent so much time in the kitchen, that they hardly had any time for themselves and their families.

Now let’s take a look at some of the Gits products.

1.       Gulab jamun

As a child, my mother used to bake the gits gulab jamun and they are so tasty. It’s easy to bake. The biggest advantage is one can maintain a sweetness level in the jamun. We still love gifts jamun more than other brands. Compared to mithaiwala gifts jamun is much better. We recommend you to try this product. here is the video if you want to make gulab jamun of gits. here they are adding
Cardamom (ilaichi) but a personally like it without it.

2.       Dosa

It is also a good product if you want to eat dosa instantly. One only needs to add water into the ready mixer. The only downside is that one has to consume it immediately after baking the dosa otherwise it will become dry and rubbery. The product is available at 115 Rs. for 500gm.

3.       Veg biryani

This product is not so good. You can taste artificial flavoring and it ruins the authenticity of biryani. Rice in biryani is of high quality but the veggies taste artificial. Do not try this product. This product is available at 110 Rs. for 265 gm.

4.       Handvo

The handvo is also not a good product. One needs to add curd and water. It tastes so sour and does not taste natural. If you do not add curd it dries out and feels rubbery.

Summing up, as a brand gits have good products but some of them are not so good. In India, Gits is the first company to start ready to eat products. When Gits started in 1963 they were exporting most of the products. But now they own a big share in the Indian market. So we are finishing here. Let us know in the comment section if you like or dislike any of the Gits products. See you soon!!

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