Amul Dairy Products

Hello precious readers! This week we are back with some delicious new products to recommend. The sweet-toothed readers are going to be exhilarated by these toothsome products.

The Products which we are raving on about are not just one product but three. Just sharing this with you is making us burst from excitement. That is how much we came to love these particular food products.

So, all these three goods are Amul’s production. Amul is an Indian Dairy cooperative society. Amul Dairy Products are healthy and tasty.

Fun Fact: Amul is jointly owned by 36 lakh milk producers in Gujarat also, the full form of Amul is Anand Milk Union Limited.

Coming back to the products, Amul Dairy Products are as following: 

Amul Rabri:

We all love good old traditional Rabri don’t we? Amul that it’s made from Full Cream Milk. You can definitely taste the rich malai which is made by boiling milk at a very low temperature for a long time. It is a bit sweet for my taste but I’m sure sweet-toothed people are going to love it. It retails for 25Rs. at 85 gm.

Amul Mishti Doi:

Or Sweet Dahi as translated from Bengali. It is basically fermented curd sweetened by caramelized sugar. This is also a traditional dessert. This product is just pure love contained in a cup. The Bong soul inside me just wants to scream on top of my lungs from the rooftop after tasting it. Trust me it is that good! Other brands like Mother’s Dairy and Danone have also produced this but being residents of Gujarat we came to know that these products are not as easily available here as in other states. It retails at 15Rs. for 85gm. How Pocket-Friendly!

Amul Yogurt:

Now that you have splurged on the above products. Let’s move on to something healthy and modern. It’s fruit-flavored yogurt, perfect to be accompanied by a healthy breakfast or can be consumed just as a mid-day snack. It has got many variants but we like the strawberry one the best. It retails for 15Rs. at 100gm.

 A little titbit: (For those who may not know) The major difference between curd and yogurt is that curd is made by curdling milk with edible acids like lemon juice, vinegar, and even curd itself. While in yogurt, the milk is fermented with the help of probiotic bacterial strains.

That was all for today, hope you guys enjoyed reading. Which Amul Dairy Products have you already tried from these three; let us know in the comment section. And if you haven’t, go and purchase one right now!

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