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Are any celebrations coming up? Or are you just looking for a simple breakfast?  We’ve got you. It’s a cake. Cakes are a big part of our lives, we eat cake when we want something sweet or when we want to when celebrating anything.  So today we are covering different types of cake which are available at 10 Rs. We will recommend you which cake product is the best for your taste buds

 1.Lotte Choco pie by Lotte India

Lotte Confectionery, the parent company of Lotte India is part of the Korean conglomerate, Lotte Group. It is a vegetarian product. Choco pie is available in two variants. In lotte Choco pie you can find a soft cake. The cake is cover in a layer of light chocolate. In middle of the cake, there is the marshmallow’s layer which brings out the flavors. The rich lotte Choco pie has a rich outer layer of chocolate. We recommend you to try this product. Lotte Choco pie offers one Choco pie at 10 Rs. for 28 gm.

2.Roll Yo by Britannia

Roll Yo is produced by Britannia.  Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian food and beverage company. Roll Yo cakes are available in two variants. Chocolate and strawberry. The cake is soft. there is no outer layer of chocolate.  Both variants are not good. In strawberry variants, you can clearly taste the artificial flavours. In the chocolate variants, the flavours are okay but it seems like here they have also used some of the artificial flavourings.  The after taste is bad and the sweetness is overpowering. This product is available at 10 Rs. for30 gm. Overall we do not recommend you to try this product.

 3.Choc layer cakes by Cadbury

 Cadbury India Ltd. is a part of Kraft Foods. They have expertise in chocolate.  It is a vegetarian product. Their cake named as is a new product. This cake is soft and covered in chocolate. In the middle of the cake, you can find the cream as we see in chocolate biscuits. But here the products have a lot of sugar and the taste is not as good as choco pie. Here the product has a lot of sugar.  They have also added preservatives. This product is available at 10 Rs. for 21gm. We do not recommend you try this product.

      All these cakes include preservatives but the artificial flavoring is ruining the taste of Cadbury and Roll Yo. Overall if you find this blog helpful let us know in the comment section.

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