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Do you ever get curious about any product?

Well we do, we love to explore different kinds of products so while doing so we found Balaji Wafers. It has a variety of products. Balaji Wafers is an Indian brand. It is a perfect example of a snack brand. They charge a reasonable price for every product. Their products are so good that it can give direct competition to any foreign brand.

So, we will give you some information about the products that Balaji Wafers has recantly launched.

1.Stack up

The Stack up by Balaji Wafers is more crunchy, full of taste, and affordable. The stack up chips is thicker than any other brand because it stack up maintains its crunchy flavor. It is better than any other similar products you find in the market. It is available in only one variant. The product is available at 35 Rs. and 40 gm.

2. Nachos

This product is available in four variants. But in stores, you can only find two variants. Cheese chilli is the best variant in nachos. It is full of flavours. You can taste sugar, onion powder, cheese and a little bit of chilli after you eat it. According to us sugar and a little bit of chilli bring out the flavour of this product. It is available in 5 Rs. and 10 Rs. packages and in 5 Rs. package the company offers 22 gm which is much better than any quantity or quality that other brand offers.

3. Funne

Funne is available in two variants and it is one kind of fryums. In the market, you will mostly find the spicy punch variant. It is high quality and crunchy product. The taste is different than any other product we ever tasted.  In this variant, you can taste flavors like mustard, chili, garlic, and dry mango. The mustard and dry mango are the ultimate game-changers. The package is available at 5 Rs. with 22 gm. We recommend you to try these 3 products.

4. Chataka pataka

This product is available in three variants that are masala, Chinese Chaska and flaming hot. I love the masala flavour produced by Balaji, but the flaming hot not so much. It has a stronger flavour than it needs. When you take the first bite you can taste flavours like garlic, lemon and red paper. This all flavours are complimentary but then again the flavours do not work. The flavour of
lemon is overpowering in this product; it ruins the taste of the whole product. Retails 5 Rs. for 30gm.

5. Katak Batak

It is a peanut-based product. In this product, Balaji claimed that peanuts are roasted not fried. They have coated the outer layer of Penates with wheat flour and cornstarch. It contains flavour like lemon garlic chilli and sugar. When consuming it we can taste lemon garlic and chilli. After that, there is mild sugary flavour and the peanuts natural sweetness makes the whole product more desirable. We recommend you to try this product. Retails 10 Rs. for 55gm.

6. Crunchex

According to Balaji, this product is home-cooked style wafers. This product is available in two variant. The salted variant is an okay kind of product. The second is the chilli tadka variant. In this variant, you can taste sugar, chilli, garlic, tomato powder. When you first try it you taste to sugar and tomato powder, after that chilli and garlic balances out the taste. This product is available at
10 Rs. for 30gm. It is an okay kind of product. We do not prefer this product. If you have tried this
product and liked it, let us know in the comment section.

7. Bhel mix

This product is not good. It is the worst product of Balaji till date. They have added so many flavors that it is hard to tell what you are eating. It tastes like full added preservatives. We do not recommend you try this product. This product is available at 5 Rs. for 35gm.

We also did some observation and asked around the local shop keeper about this brand and its product we asked them that why they keep Balaji Wafers product to which they replied that “Customers trust the Balaji Wafers very much and no question is asked about their integrity. They buy this product without any doubt.”

  We have also observed that even in the mithai (sweets) shop they keep the Balaji products. Their distribution channel is so good that you can find Balaji Wafers anywhere in Gujarat even in hilly areas. But the downside of this brand is that the expansion of Balaji Wafers is very slow so their products in almost all the cases are not available outside of Gujarat. If Balaji Wafers starts covering all the  Indian regions then the foreign brands do not stand a chance because their products are quite expensive than Balaji. Overall if you are a big fan of Balaji Wafers let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Good post! But they really need to ramp up their promotion and distribution. I still cannot find Balaji Stack Up anywhere easily. Will also look out for their nachos. Thank you for the recommendation as always!


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