10 Rs. biscuits

Cannot control yourself while eating cookies or biscuits? Well that happens with me all the time. So what is the solution? I think it is to buy biscuits which are available only at 10Rs. Small packaging is the biggest advantage here and also it is available near you. Let’s have a look at the products

1.Cookies by Amul

Amul has numerous different kinds of cookies. Today we will familiarize you with two variants. The first one is the Butter cookies and the second is Chocolate cookies.  Both cookies are promised to be made in butter, they claim on the packaging that no vegetable oil is used.

Butter Cookies: – These cookies are just perfect. All the ingredients included bring out the flavors in the cookies. You can feel that it is a high-quality product. The sweetness is perfect. You can taste the butter as it claims on the packaging. This variant is available at 10 Rs. for 30gm.

Chocolate Cookies: – Again this cookie is perfect. This also feels like a high-quality product. Here too you can taste the butter. This cookie base has a chocolate flavor and in addition, they also contain Choco chips which lift up the flavor. The cookie base has a light chocolate taste but the Choco chip plays a big part as it tastes more chocolatier because of it. This variant is available at 15 Rs. for 50 gm.  We highly recommend you to try both the products.

2.  Bournvita biscuits by Cadbury

This product is available in only one variant. They state that it has pro health vitamins, iron and calcium but it also claims at back side packaging that they include 57 % of All Purpose Flour and only 5 % is cereal based (barley and wheat). You can taste the cereal on the product. So is it really that healthy? It is definitely something to chew over.

It is an okay kind of product in my opinion. Try this product and judge it yourself. This product is available at 10 Rs. for 46 gm.

 3)  Chocolate chips Cookies by Kabhi B

Kabhi B is a baking venture by Kanhai Foods Pvt. Ltd. and has many outlets all over India. There are many cookie variants produced by Kabhi B. These products are crunchy and the sugar is not overpowering but the artificial flavours added have ruined the taste of these cookies. These products are available at 10 Rs. for 50gm. Although Kabhi  B do produces some of the good products, in this case they definitely did not win. We do not recommend you to try this product.

Overall, Amul has been winning hearts by providing the best cookies. These products were good than we expected. Cadburys biscuits are okay while Kabhi B’s cookies not so much. Let us know in the comment section if you have tried any of these cookies and if you have then which are the ones you liked the most. We hope this has been helpful to you.

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  1. I had no idea that Amul manufactures cookies as well. I am going to find these out and will definitely try both the variants of Amul Cookies as I love to have a small snack with my coffee!

    Thank you so much for sharing your candid review.


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